Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ministry issues new treatment plan for bizarre skin disease

The new treatment method will replace the old plan that was issued in January 2012. From now on patients with mild inflictions can be treated by applying a cream containing corticoid and 2 per cent salicylic ointment all over their body, which will keep the skin moist and soft.

However, patients that are more seriously affected must be taken to the general hospital in the province or a bigger hospital in the city.

All doctors, irrespective of their division, must take part in diagnosing these patients. In case the patients suffer from kidney and liver failure, doctors must filter their blood and try and save lives.

The ministry also warned against complications such as blood bacterial contamination, pneumonia, lestospira-spirochaete bacteria, encephalitis, convulsion fits and even coma.

Quang Ngai Province had so far reported 180 cases of the yet unidentified skin disease, with eight persons having died at medical clinics and 11 at home.