Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hundreds break school gate to get registration forms

Some people sat in front of the door of the Experimental Primary School in Hanoi the
 whole night of May 11, to buy registration forms for their six-year-old children at 6am
 of the next day. It began raining at 10.30pm but they wore raincoats and were under
 umbrellas sitting in front of the door.

Some people whose children used to study or are studying at this school, said that this is 
a very good school while school fees are cheap. Many famous scientists studied here,
 including math professor Ngo Bao Chau.

At 5am, hundreds of people stood in front of the door.

Many of them managed to climb over the gate. Some threw plastic chairs and things into the school.

The school guards opened the door at 6am. Some people pushed the gate down to run
 into the school as quick as they could.

Others stepped on the falling gate to flock into the school. 

The school made a fence in front of a table, where tickets were delivered. A guard called 
on people to form a line but his efforts failed.

Some people who were behind huddled through a tree fence to get to the top of the line.

Being threatened by guards that they would not receive the tickets, they turned back
 and barge others to stand in the middle of the line.

The school cancelled selling registration forms because of the chaos and announced to continue on May 13.

Those who waited for the whole night were crestfallen.

The Experimental Primary School uses modern teaching methods, which respect students’ 
independence and creativeness. Some famous scientists studied here, including Prof. Ngo Bao Chau. 
This year the school planed to sell 200 registration forms for first grade from 7am of May 12 and 
would recruit only 140 first-grade students.

Regardless of the presence of police officers the next day’s morning, nearly 1,000 people 
continued to compete for buying registration forms from 5am.

Learning experience from the previous day, more guards and even policemen were mobilized. 
The door was open wide enough for one through. However, it was still chaotic.