Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gay wedding stirs up Ha Tien town

The wedding invitation.

At noon of May 16, the wedding of Truong Van Hen, 22 (bride) and Nguyen Hoang Bao Quoc (groom) took place at a house on Phuong Thanh Road.

The wedding was held in large scale, with the participation of hundreds of guests.

“Groom” Bao Quoc, in the white suit, opened a champagne bottle and clinked glasses together with bride Van Hen, in the red clothes, at the witness of their parents, relatives, friends and guests.

Thousands of curious people surrounded the wedding, causing traffic jam. Some people tried to stop the wedding and louder protested the event. However, the local authorities dismissed the crowd.

Many websites have posted pictures of this wedding. Many people showed their disagreement, but many people were sympathized with the couple.

In Vietnam, gays are not accepted by the community. Even medical workers do not reach agreement on the nature of this phenomenon. Some said that this is caused by copying, while some believe that it is a born phenomenon. Hence, most of gays do not dare to come out.

The Vietnam Law on Marriage and Family bans marriage between people of the same sex. Thus, though the above marriage is supported by the two families, it is illegal.

Vietnam’s rule is similar to that of most of countries in the world, except for some Western countries.