Thursday, May 24, 2012

Eating langur – the cruel hobby of people

A picture was emailed to Cong An Nhan Dan’s editorial board at midnight woke up all the people here. A langur was stuffed into a glass bottle with the skull split horizontally, with twist limbs. More terribly, it had skin flayed, and what people could see was just a bloody skeleton.

Tu, the man who emailed the picture, said that the picture was taken by one of his friend at the house of a “big guy” in the civil engineering sector, who is called a “sex maniac.”

“I was told that it was a female pregnant langur. Before it was quartered, its skull was split, so that the man took away the brain for eating. After that, people ripped its bowels open, flayed skin. The body of the langur has been soaked in liquor together with some other medicinal herbs, which would turn into a kind of precious tonic liquor,” Tu said.

The picture of the ill fated langur has once again rung the alarm bell over the inhumane hobby of many people. It also serves as the sad message about the fate of langurs – a kind of intelligent animal, closed to humans, which have been called the “humans’ brothers.”

Six years ago, the stories about Thuong, a hunter famous for his “achievement” of killing hundreds of langurs, appeared on all local newspapers. After firing one shot, a langur on the tree fell down into the ground. When the hunter came closer to collect the langur body, he was so excited to find out that his shot killed two langurs, not one.

The mother langur was killed by the shot. However, it, with the maternal instinct, tried to hold its child tightly.

In mid 2011, the forest rangers at the Cat Tien National Park related the story about the death of two langurs.

The mother langur was killed immediately after it fell into the trap. However, the small langur did not want to leave the mother. When the forest rangers arrived, they saw the small langur dieing of hunger and exhaustion. The small langur had hovered around the mother’s dead body until it got exhausted and died itself.

Another sad story was related that a couple of langurs fell into a trap in Dat Do forest area. The male langur tried to liberalize the female langur from the trap, but he failed. Even when the female langur died, the male langur did not leave the area, and then paid for its faith by its death: a hunter discovered the male langur and shot it dead. When the forest rangers came, they could see the faithful langur’s body next to its wife. 

Relating the stories, the forest rangers say that langurs also have intelligence, motherhood and they are very closer to humans.

It’s still unclear where the langur in Tu’s picture came from. In Vietnam, langurs have been seen in the mountainous areas of the central region, from Thanh Hoa to the central highlands, Dong Nai, Binh Duong in the south. However, it is clear that it died a horrible death. 

Linh, a forest product trader, has affirmed that the langur had its skin flayed when it was alive. “I hope that people anaesthetized it before they did this,” he said.

In Vietnam’s Red Book, langur is the kind of wild animal which has been most hunted and killed, just because people believe that its meat is very nutritious, especially to men.