Saturday, May 26, 2012

Chief police officer held by local people for six hours

According to Hai Phong Police Agency, at 4.40pm of May 22, two policemen of Van Dau ward-- Nguyen Van Hoang and Pham Duc Tuan was patrolling on road 355 when they saw Mr. Nguyen Van Hoang, 24, who was driving a motorbike, carrying his wife, and without wearing helmet. Hoang passed the two policemen and the two sides exchanged some words. 

After that, the two policemen once again saw the couple on the road, still without helmet. They asked Hoang to stop but the man did not obey and ran away. Since the road is narrow, Hoang hit into a fence and fell down.

The two police officers approached to help the couple but they suddenly shouted: “Policemen beat us.” After that, tens of people flocked to the site and together shouted “Policemen beat civilians.”

However, witnesses said that Hoang drove the motorbike without wearing a helmet, carrying his wife on the road. They met with the two policemen who were driving on the opposite direction. The two had collision. A policeman fell onto a fence. Another policeman beat Hoang by his blackjack. Hoang’s wife shouted.

Local resident took Hoang to hospital. The man’s wound was mild. Some extremists held the two policemen and asked the ward police agency to solve the case. Around 30 minutes later, Lieutenant colonel Nguyen Huu Viet, chief police officer, came to deal with the case. The two policemen were released. However, the senior policeman was held by local people for more than six hours, until nearly 12pm. 

Hai Phong Police Agency said that according to investigation, Hoang and Huong broke the traffic rules. They were asked to stop by a group of traffic police officers but they ran away. On the way, they met with the two policemen.

According to latest news from Hoang’s family, this man received VND5 million. Local police officials promised to punish the two policemen if they committed a mistake.

Director of Hai Phong Police Agency Do Huu Ca asked Kien An district’s police station to quickly investigate the case.