Friday, May 25, 2012

Bus that fell into river might have got punctured

Experts from the provincial Department of Transportation said on May 23 that the bus was only installed with the device to measure the bus’ journey, not a black box as initially reported. This device was active until 10.20pm of May 17, when the deadly accident occurred. 

The brake and driving systems of the bus meet the standards. There was no technical error reported before the accident. However, the right, front tire had two holes. The investigation result has been sent to police for further investigation.

Experts also said that the road where the accident happened meets Vietnam’s standards.

Mr. Le Xuan Dieu, director of the Dak Lak Department of Transportation, said that further investigation would be carried out to determine whether the puncture happened before or after the accident and whether it was directly related to the accident or not.

On May 23, more than 200 Buddhist monks and Buddhist followers joined a requiem for victims of the accident.

According to the Buddhist Shangha of Dak Lak province, a great requiem is being held on June 2-3 on the bank of Serepok.

On May 17, a bus of Quyet Thang cooperative running from Dak Lak to HCM City hit the handrail of Serepok Bridge and fell to the river. The accident killed 36 and injuring over 20 others.