Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Aged woman gets younger after operation in Taiwan

Ngoc Mai (second from the left) and Taiwanese doctors.
Mai’s problems began when she was 10, with symptoms such as itching, hives, swelling, and weight loss. Despite treatment, her condition did not improve. Some people advised her to try traditional medicine, and it seemed to work. Her facial skin showed signs of recovering, but her condition recurred in 2008 and has since been worsening. At the age of 28, she had the face of a 70-year-old woman. She also faced troubles in moving and other health problems.

Doctors of the Da nang-based Hoan My Hospital said that Mai suffered from chronic autoimmune urticaria, which is very rare and may be the first manifestation of lupus, which is particularly associated with the presence of auto antibodies.

Ngoc Mai before and after being treated in Taiwan.

According to Aisiaone, a group of 40 experts from 12 wards of the China Medical University in Taiwan treated the Vietnamese woman’s Werne syndrome.

In over a month, Mai experienced different methods of treatment and plastic surgeries. She now can walk for a distance, without fainting.

“I feel like I was born again and I’ve seen the hope again,” Mai said.

Taiwanese doctors said that this was the first time they treated such a patient.

Before going to Taiwan, Mai was treated at the Hoan My Hospital in Da nang. During her time there, Mai’s health was improved but her face did not change.