Thursday, April 26, 2012

OIC's South visit 'may lead to more violence'

Deputy Prime Minister Yutthasak Sasiprapa has warned of the possibility of violent flare-ups in the deep South during a planned visit by the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation early next month.
The deputy premier said he was afraid more violent incidents were being plotted to be carried out during the OIC visit on May 8-11 to draw attention from the organisation.
In this regard, he said, he had already warned security forces working in the southern region to stay alert for any possible signs of violence during that period.
Gen Yutthasak, however, said he had not received any information about who the OIC delegation would visit and talk to and whether or not the team would visit violence-plagued areas in the South. The OIC team's planned visit was aimed at compiling information about the violence in southern Thailand ahead of its next meeting, said Gen Yutthasak.
The southern unrest is an internal issue, so it should be resolved by the country itself and