Thursday, April 12, 2012

Earthquake in Indonesia shakes Vietnam’s buildings

Many people immediately ran away from their offices to the ground.
“Everything lightly shook for around three minutes in my office,” says Thu Huyen, who works in a building in District 1, HCM City.

People who were in several buildings in HCM City this afternoon reported the same thing.

Tran Kien, who was in his office in the C’Land building, Hanoi, says: “It happened very quickly. I felt a little dizzy when I looked over the window”.

He adds that many people immediately ran away from their offices to the ground. The building management board contacted the Geophysics Institute to ask for information. Until knowing that the quake was minor, they returned to their office.

Mr. Le Huy Minh, director of the Information Center on Quakes and Tsunamis, says that Vietnam was affected by the quake of 8.9 Richter scales in Indonesia. Vietnam is far from Indonesia so only people who were in high-rise buildings could feel the shake.

According to Minh, the shake was caused by quake waves, not aftershock.

Prof. Cao Dinh Trieu from the Geophysics Institute also says that impacts from earthquakes in Indonesia on Vietnam were minor. A quake observing station in southern Vietnam recorded shakes of less than five Richter scale on the afternoon of April 11. There is no warning of tsunami in Vietnam.