Friday, March 23, 2012

Furnace explodes in Thai Binh

A furnace exploded yesterday, March 21, at Hop Thanh's Company Ltd, which specialises in Polyester Fibre production in the northern city of Thai Binh, according to municipal police.

Eleven were injured, and five received severe enough wounds to be sent immediately to the National Institute of Burns for treatment. (Photo: VNN)
Fifteen employees were working when the blast took place at 12:45 in the morning. Eleven were injured, and five received severe enough wounds to be sent immediately to the National Institute of Burns for treatment. On the same day, the company refused to provide information about the accident to members of the press who arrived at the site later that day.
This was not the first time the company had been involved in an accident.
The police are investigating the case further.

Burglars drill walls, break into houses during day

There have recently been several robberies in Buon Ma Thuot City, in the central province of Dak Lak, where burglars have drilled into walls and broken into local house during the day.

Last Wednesday Tuan and Phuong, who live in Tan Loi ward, returned to their house only to find a big hole in the wall and some missing items. Two days later their neighbor, Tran Dang Tham, had his house broken into in the same way and had a washing machine and fitness equipment worth VND7 million (US$350) stolen.

At the scene, a B40 steel fence was torn down, an iron door was broken and items inside the house were all over the place.

After the robbery, Tran Dang Tham and his wife had to move from the insecure neighborhood.

Ho Ngoc Khanh, who lives at 32 Y Ngong, said that at 2am two weeks earlier, a burglar snuck into his yard and stole nine apricot trees worth VND30 million (US$1500).

“I was sleeping at night when I heard dog bark. When I woke up, I realized the apricot trees were gone even though the yard was fenced and under surveillance,” he said.

Similarly Nguyen Quoc Viet, who lives on the same street, said burglars broke into his house three times in 2011 and stole many apricot trees which cost up to VND100 million (US$5000).

Viet said the most recent robbery was last November, when he had two trees worth VND55 million (US$2250) stolen while he wasn’t paying attention for a few minutes.

“We are anxious about the recent robberies. Many families are even taking turns staying at home to watch out for burglars,” said Nguyet, one of the local residents.

Police in Buon Ma Thuot city have reinforced security in the area by patrolling and keeping track of suspicious activity. However, Y Ngong street is located in a densely populated area, making it easy for burglars to carry out their filthy acts.

“Investigators from Buon Ma Thuot police have handled the case of burglars drilling into local houses. We have held meetings to raise awareness because the layout of the area is very complicated,” said a police officer.

Ha Noi to use waste land for schools
The Ha Noi People's Committee recently approved a proposal by Hoan Kiem District to revoke unused land to build schools.
The Department of Planning and Architecture was assigned to co-ordinate with relevant authorities to review the district's land use situation and report to the committee before March 30.
The city also assigned the municipal Department of Education and Training to develop a plan to build 35 advanced education facilities between 2009-2015.
Fishermen told to pay back $40,000
The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of south-central Phu Yen Province will revoke VND836 million (US$40,000) in Government aid given to 26 fishing vessels found ineligible for assistance.
An evaluation conducted by the local agency revealed that 26 out of 33 vessels in Tuy An District provided false documents to get the aid. They had previously received eligible aid from the provincial People's Committee.
They were denounced by other fishermen using the same fishing ground.
Serious punishments would be imposed on the violators, said the department.
Police rescues boy kidnapped by uncle
The police on Tuesday rescued Nguyen Phuc Tho, a 5-year-old boy from central Nghe An Province who was kidnapped by his maternal uncle.
According to the police, at 4:30 pm on March 18, Tho was abducted after he visited his uncle’s house nearby.
The uncle was Dang The Hung, 28. Hung left a letter in which he demanded the boy’s parents to send VND180 million (US$8,600) to his bank account. He threatened to kill the boy or sell his organs if his letter was ignored.
Terrified, the boy’s father immediately sent Hung VND170 million but at the same time, sought help from the police.
The police later found out that Hung had been convicted several times for gambling and being involved with criminal gangs.
As Hung used to be a reconnaissance soldier for 9 years, the police took the threat very seriously and carried out an emergency rescue.
On the evening of March 19, Hung traveled from Mai Dich District in Hanoi to Yen My District in the northern province of Hung Yen in an attempt to escape.
The police was hot on his trail and at 10 pm on March 19, reached Huy Hoang Guesthouse located in Giai Pham Commune in Yen My District and found Hung and the boy.
At 1 am on March 20, Hung was arrested, and the boy was returned to his parents in Nghe An.
Japan helps improve Vietnam’s transportation
Transport Minister Dinh La Thang and Japanese Ambassador to Vietnam Yasuaki Tanizaki have signed an Exchange Note (EN) in Hanoi on March 21 to help improve the transportation system in Vietnam.
According to the EN, the Japanese Government will provide non-refundable aid in the form of industrial products of Japanese businesses which suffered from the earthquake and tsunami disaster in March, 2011, worth a total 300 million JPY.
The Japanese Government decided on this activity to restore socio-economic activities of the regions affected by the disaster.
The products include equipment to help students in study and scientific research, and support for training activities in the shipbuilding and marine environment sectors, as well as equipment to improve the railway system.
The Ministry of Transport said that it assigned this one-year project to Vietnam Maritime University on February 20 and the aid will be implemented as from early April with the consultancy of the Japan International Cooperation System (JICS).
Netherlands help train human resources for seaports
Tan Cang-STC Human Resources Development Ltd Company, which specializes in human resources training in seaport, maritime transport services and logistics, made its debut in Ho Chi Minh City on March 21.
The company is a joint venture between the Tan Cang Saigon Corporation (SNP) and the Dutch STC group, the world leading company in maritime logistics, under the sponsorship of the Netherlands Government.
Ton Van Essen, General Director of the Tan Cang-STC Company, said that with modern facilities and training software designed in line with the Vietnamese market, trainees will have the chance to practise professional skills, and gain internationally accredited degrees.
The company will conduct short training courses for staff, managers and workers involved in maritime transport and seaports.
Nguyen Dang Nghiem, General Director of the SNP, said the establishment of the JV company will meet the increasing demand for human resources in the seaport industry and logistics, which are weak in Vietnam.