Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bad weather increases risk of bird flu outbreak

In the past three weeks, the virus had been detected amongst poultry flocks in northern Bac Ninh, Nam Dinh and Quang Ninh provinces, he said.So far, more than 66,400 livestock have been incinerated in 14 provinces.

Nam said that to prevent virus transmission, the department had allocated 60 million doses of vaccines to 28 provinces at high risk with additional stocks to be imported.Deputy Minister Diep Kinh Tan yesterday urged relevant authorities to thoroughly and promptly investigate and respond to any form of poultry disease.In the mean time, effective measures were needed to incinerate and prevent the transport of affected poultry, he stressed.Tan called for the continuing vaccination of flocks in southern provinces alongside raising awareness on the risk of farming free-ranging ducks at the moment.
* Nearly 1,700 cases of HFM disease in Haiphong

Nearly 1,700 cases of hand-foot-mouth (HFM) disease have been reported in Haiphong port city since early this year.The Haiphong Children’s Hospital receives 15-20 cases a day.The epidemic tends to spread from 14 its inner districts to outlying areas. The City Department of Health has sent an inspection team to help locals prevent new outbreaks of the disease.All hospitals in Haiphong are well prepared to cope with the worsening situation even though there has been no confirmation of fatalities anywhere so far.