Friday, February 17, 2012

The temple of Buddha remains

Vien Dinh Temple is located in Keo village, in Dong Lo commune, Ung Hoa district, Hanoi.
The temple has thousands of pieces of xa loi, presented by eight Buddhism centers in the world.

Venerable Thich Chon Phuong, the temple’s manager, said that he has traveled to many
countries of Buddhism like India, Myanmar, Thailand, Nepal and he were presented with many xa loi.

According to the senior monk, xa loi is the crystallized remaining after the tra ty ritual (incineration) of
 the Buddha and enlightened monks of over 2,000 years ago.

Xa loi is round and hard, with different sizes. They are often in white, red, pink, blue and yellow.

Xa loi from Myanmar.

Xa loi of various colors.

Xa loi from Myanmar.

Statue and xa loi of Sakyamuni are placed together at the most solemn position.

Xa loi of Sakyamuni is brought from India.

Venerable Thich Chon Phuong and Buddhist followers worship xa loi.