Friday, February 24, 2012

Playing with shrapnel bombs, four kids injured

A victim at hospital.

Doan Hung district’s Chairman Nguyen Dinh Thu told VietNamNet that two students: Tran Minh Thanh and Tran Minh Dat – collected two shrapnel bombs on the bank of Chay River on the afternoon of February 21. They brought the bombs to class the next morning.

In the morning of February 22, a classmate of Thanh and Dat, named Duong, threw a bomb onto a thick branch on the school-yard. The bomb exploded and wounded four students who were playing around the tree.After the incident, sappers defused the remaining bomb.Local people said that the riverbank where students collected the two bombs was a wharf in the Vietnam War, where was bombed a lot.Local residents have detected many bombs and mines there.