Monday, February 13, 2012

Animated living rhythm in early morning

In the early-morning dew, tens of workers begin their day on the bank of Tra Khuc River in Son
Tinh district, the central province of Quang Ngai. They shovel sand from the bank to trucks.

A new day of Mr. Cong in Ghe village of Lien Hiep commune, Son Tinh district starts by
kicking-start his boat to net fish in the Tra Khuc River.

While his family members are taking sand from the river, this man (sitting) eats a bowl
of instant noodle as his breakfast.

This couple’s day started at 3am. At 8am, their sand boat lands.

While half-naked men explore sand, this woman collects mussels in dew.

From above, the living rhythm of Ghe village is bustling.

Two dogs play on the riverbank.

After several hours catching fish, this woman returns home at 8.30am.

Boats in the Tra Khuc River, taking people to office and children to school.

Mist does not melt until 9am.

Farmers go to the field in fog.