Friday, January 27, 2012

Prospering from raising crocodiles

Nguyen Quang Hien was in the forefront of taking crocodiles from the south to raise in the north. Talking about his initial difficulties in raising crocodiles, Hien said: “When I started raising crocodiles, I did not understand why they suffered serious diseases and many of them died. Then, I went to crocodile raising farms in the south to learn the methods and techniques from expert breeders.”

In 2007, Hien decided to establish Thinh Phat Import-Export Trade Company Ltd., and build a farm to raise crocodiles. Despite undergoing tremendous hardships and difficulties, his crocodile-raising farm developed quickly and there are now more customers in the north. Many people who want to raise crocodiles also visit his farm to learn how to raise them.

According to Phan Ngoc Tien who has managed the farm and raised the crocodiles since it was established, it is not easy to raise crocodiles in the north because it takes a lot of time for them to adapt to the cold weather in the north. Furthermore, it is necessary to know and prepare schedules for them each day and each season.

While feeding the crocodiles, Tien lifted one from the water to measure its weight. Looking at the crocodile baring its sharp teeth, we thought that it would attack him, but it lay still in the hands of the manager. Tien said crocodiles are naturally wild and ferocious but when being cared by humans they become gradually tame so raising them becomes easier and does not take much time.

The farm owned by Hien was built in an area of 3,000m2 with 20 breeding facilities. They raise over 1,000 crocodiles for breeding and meat. His farm is considered the largest one in the north. It annually provides the northern market with a large number of crocodiles of different kinds, which brings great benefits. Tien said recently the farm sold 200 commercial crocodiles to a customer in Son Tay and in the coming months it will sell a large number of crocodiles to customers in the northern provinces. The benefits from the farm have continually increased every year. The farm’s income reached over 1 billion VND in 2007, nearly 2 billion VND in 2008 and over 5 billion in 2009.

The farm not only helps bring great economic benefits but also provides jobs for dozens of workers in the locality with an income of 1.5-2 million VND per month, per person. Hien also established a workshop producing items from crocodile skin to sell to the domestic market and for export.

According to Hien, the north is an open market for crocodile as well as other kinds of animal products. For this reason, he has planned to further expand the farm and find ways to develop other animal products to meet the market demand in the future. At present, there are many areas in the north with favourable conditions to raise crocodiles and he is willing to instruct and support people in other localities to develop crocodile farming to enrich themselves and the homeland.

Together with other trades, crocodile breeding has started making contributions to creating a new change for the rural areas.

The crocodile farm owned by Nguyen Quang Hien in Tho Xuan, Dan Phuong, Hanoi.

Checking the breeding crocodiles on the farm.

Many people nationwide visit the crocodile farm to learn how to raise them.

Crocodiles are a valuable domestic animal in the economic development in the
 northern rural areas.

The showroom of products made from crocodile skin, of Thinh Phat Company.