Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Gardeners heat peach blossoms by electric lamps

Cold weather has worried gardeners in Nhat Tan village.

They have to place peach trees in plastic houses and heat them by electric light.

Experienced gardeners say that these peach trees will blossom in two weeks.

This year, Mr. Ha planted That Thon peach trees, which are short and have a lot of flowers.
Around 20 peach trees in Ha’s garden did not blossom yet. He begins making “houses” to heat these trees.

Ha said That Thon peach trees are expensive because their flowers are more beautiful than
normal peach trees. However, this peach species is sensitive to weather.

“I have to take care of these trees very carefully, otherwise I will incur losses,”
Ha said, pointing to a 60-year-old tree.

Some gardeners protect their peach trees from cold by plastic bags.

They worry if the weather keeps cold.

Besides heating trees by electric light, gardeners use other measures to
 encourage peach trees to blossom quickly.