Thursday, January 19, 2012

All petrol stations must have their gas checked

The reason for many vehicle fires is still unknown.

The Southern Region Product Quality Management Agency has said to continue checking quality of petrol at petrol stations in HCM City.

According to a research by the HCM City University of Technology, methanol petrol could not fire itself at the temperature of 500 degree Celsius. To define why vehicles get fire, the university says that it needs to further research.

At a press conference on January 16, Lieutenant-general Phan Van Vinh, head of the General Department of Anti-criminal Police, said that after the petrol stealing case had been detected, related agencies have given warning to organizations and individuals who committed criminal signs.

General Vinh said that the Ministry of Public Security paid special attention to this act and the Ministry will investigate the case to the end, despite anyone who involves in.

In related news, Vu Van Hong, Deputy Director of International Cooperation Department under the ministry’s Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality, confirmed that results of petrol inspection to be announced before Tet holiday.

Samples were taken from establishments that are suspected of selling substandard fuel, which may be the cause of a number of recent vehicle fires.

The ministry has also urged centrally-governed cities and provinces to quality control over local petroleum traders and retailers, and deal seriously with any violations. The results will be highly publicised in order to raise consumer awareness.

Many auto and motorbike fires have occurred across the nation in recent months, particularly in Hanoi. Although the reasons have not yet been proven, substandard fuel has been the subject of suspicion.

As a result, the Prime Minister has ordered the Ministry of Science and Technology to conduct the inspection.

Four Vietnam National Petroleum Group (Petrolimex) staff members admitted to stealing petrol and tampering with the contents of tankers. These were drivers and assistants working at Petrolimex subsidiaries, the Petroleum Mechanical Joint Stock Company and Petrolimex Saigon Transportation and Service Joint Stock Company.

The employees admitted to stealing around 10-20 litres of petroleum from fuel tankers transporting fuel to petrol stations in Ho Chi Minh City.