Thursday, December 15, 2011

Vietnam Airlines’ former pilot uses fake papers

The Korean pilot failed to make a smooth landing when he was the co-pilot for a Vietnam Airlines flight in Busan, South Korea, in April. The Vietnamese chief pilot then had to take over the plane and landed safely

CAAV’s inspectors said that pilot Kim Tae Hun was recruited by 919 Flight Crew through the Direct Personnel International (DPI). According to CAAV’s regulations, Vietnam Airlines must recruit pilots through at least five agents but since it urgently needed pilots, the airway contacted with only one agent – DPI – which had an employment contract already.

CAAV said that Vietnam Airlines was partly responsible when it didn’t inspect the documents submitted by pilot Kim Tae Hun, which are confirmed to be bogus by Indonesia’s Batavia Airlines.

Elly Simanujuntak, PR manager of Batavia Airlines, said that Kim Tae Hun only attended an A320 model training course held by this airline, but this carrier had not ever granted him any document on Kim’s flying time on A320 aircraft.

Using fake documents, which proves that he had up to 680 flying hours on A320 aircraft, CAAV earlier granted Kim Tae Hun the Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) that allowed him to fly A320.

CAAV said it had asked its Flight Safety Department to notify airport authorities in foreign countries of Kim’s fraud.

Kim is currently flying ATR 72, an Italian-made turbo-prop, for Laos Airlines.

Kim was suspected of a lack of qualifications when he tried several times to land the Vietnam Airlines plane VN970 carrying 160 passengers at Busan Airport on April 26.

The Vietnamese chief pilot Vuong Dinh Hue then had to take over the plane and landed safely.

S. Korean media then claimed Kim had only 1 hour of flight experience which would make him completely unqualified for his post.

After the incident, airport officials in S. Korea asked Vietnam Airlines to review its process of training and issuing licenses to pilots.