Friday, December 30, 2011

Mountain kids stoop in chilly wind

In temperature of 10 degree Celsius, children in the needy commune of Lung Chinh in Meo Vac district, the northern mountain province of Ha Giang, wear very thin clothes, plastic sandals. Their faces and hands are chapped.

Around 21km to the east of Meo Vac town, Lung Chinh is an extremely poor commune.
Up to 90 percent of its area is covered by rocky mountains. The locals do not
have power, clean water. Their per capita income is less than VND3 million ($150) a year.
 The cultural standards of local people are very low.

The commune has 256 kindergarten, 460 primary and 266 junior secondary school students.
Around 340 students are day boarder, who earn VND160,000 of allowance per month.

Unaffected faces of children in Lung Chinh.

In the winter, Lung Chinh’s students still wear thin clothes and old plastic
 sandals which can’t protect their black and chapped feet.

Soiled and chapped hands in winter.

To help Lung Chinh’s kids have a warm winter, some charity groups have presented warm
clothes, blankets, shoes, milk and studying tools to nearly 1,000 children in the commune.

Lung Chinh’s children receive gifts from volunteers.

For children in Lung Chinh, milk is a luxurious thing.

Mothers take their children to receive