Monday, December 26, 2011

Memorable moments in the wartime

Partisans shooting American aircraft, a soldier sacrificed himself to rescue his comrade, the happy moment of soldiers when they read letters from their families… are pictures grasped by veteran Nguyen Manh Hiep. These photos are on display on the occasion of the Vietnam People’s Army anniversary, December 22.

During the war of resistance against the US troop from 1954 to 1975, Binh Tri Thien,
in Vietnam’s central region, was always the outpost. In photo: an urgent meeting in tunnel.

The Hien Luong bridge, crossing Ben Hai River in 1961. After the Geneve Accrod 1954
was signed, Ben Hai River became the boundary between the North and South Vietnam.

The war of resistance against US troop in late 1950s was very hard. War journalists captured
 moments of daily life. In photo: a partisan poured water for a soldier.

A soldier read a letter from home.

Soldiers waved flags on Abia hill, in Binh Tri Thien battlefield.

A battlefield in Binh Tri Thien.

A volunteer washed her feet near a shot-down American aircraft.

A soldier rescued his comrade.

American B52 bombers dropped bombs.

A sniper of Trung Hai commune’s guerrilla force.

Shooting American bombers.

Liberation troops approached a US military post.

Vanguard youth cleared the way at Tri Thien battlefield.

Do Linh guerillas manufactured home-made mines.

American troops withdrew from Khe Sanh.

Liberation troops attacked Khe Sanh entrenched fortification, liberating Huong Hoa district.

Tri Thien liberation troops made raids to American military bases.

Vanguard youth and Dong Long people leveld bomb craters.

Vinh Thuy guerillas shot down six American bombers on November 11, 1966.

Air Defense Regiment 2010 combated in 147 consecutive days to defend Dong Loc (1965).

Partisans of Ho Xa commune, Quang Tri province shot American bombers.

This group of vanguard women laid down at Dong Loc.

Soldiers returned home after the country’s unification in 1975.