Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mekong Delta’s farmers prepare unique fruits for Tet

Farmers in the Mekong Delta have created many special products for the lunar New Year (Tet holiday), such as wine-gourds and gold-bar shaped pomelos, squared watermelons, etc.

Mr. Huynh Ngoc Hai from Khanh Hoi B village, Phu An commune, Chau Thanh district
in the southern province of Hau Giang, will offer around 200 pairs of wine-gourd shaped
watermelons, no-seed watermelons and wine-gourd shaped yellow watermelons.

A pair of wine-gourd shaped watermelons is priced at VND3.5 million ($170). This is the main product of
Phu Huu garden in Chau Thanh district this Tet, with around 1,000 pomelos. This kind of pomelo can be kept for 20 days.

These pomelos are very impressive with “letters” on the peel. The price is
VND300,000-VND700,000 ($15-35) a pair.

Tran Thanh Liem from Binh Thuy district, Can Tho city, will sell 200 pairs of gold bar shaped
watermelons this Tet, pricing VND4-4.5 million ($200-220) per pair.

Liem also creates “Phuoc” (good luck) word on the peel.