Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fire police to investigate case of burning Honda Air Blade

Dao Hoang Nhat Linh was driving his Honda Air Blade on Nguyen Trai Street when he was told by a fellow motorist that there was a small fire under his bike.
Linh stopped and got off the bike just in time to see it go up in flames.
The metal frame has been transferred to the Ha Noi Fire Fighting Police for investigation purposes.
This scooter was bought on April, 2010.
Just one week before this incident, in the northern province of Bac Ninh, a Honda Dream scooter suddenly exploded, claiming the life of the 29-year-old driver who was a pregnant woman and seriously injuring her daughter who was on the back.
The daughter, Nguyen Khanh Van, lost a leg and suffered from serious burns and is now in a critical condition.
According to Tuoi tre (Youth) newspaper, the Forensic Institute said that the cause was likely to be a technical error because the explosion occurred near the battery which was close to the petrol container.
In October in Ha Noi, another Honda Air Blade burst into flames on Hai Ba Trung Street. Fortunately the father and son who were on the bike escaped unscathed.
These incidents have been quick to draw public attention. Nguyen Ngoc Lien, who also owns a Honda Air Blade, said: “I can’t help but feeling worried when reading all these reports. Now it’s hard to convince myself that I am safe driving this brand of bike unless there is strong confirmation from the competent agencies that this model is free from any technical errors.”
“The competent agencies should conduct comprehensive investigations into the causes of these incidents to prevent other tragic incidents from happening again. The manufacturer should also have to provide us with a sound explanation.”
Honda is among the most popular motorbike brands in Viet Nam.