Monday, December 12, 2011

Enterprise pockets money, but doesn’t treat waste

The enterprise is Bay Ha Long Company Ltd in Hiep Phuoc commune of Nhon Trach district in Dong Nai province, which has the function of collecting, carrying and treating waste. The noteworthy thing is that the Nhon Trach district’s people’s committee allows the company to dump rubbish free of charge.

Treating waste with no machines

The enterprise still can sign the contracts on treating rubbish and waste even though it does not have any machines to treat waste. 

Bay Ha Long was established in 2008 as a company specializing in collecting scrap materials and seconds. Since 2010, the company has one more function of collecting and carrying domestic waste and normal waste. Since then, it has signed a lot of contracts on collecting and treating domestic rubbish and industrial waste for a lot of enterprises in Nhon Trach district.

Phap luat TPHCM’s reporters have got the contracts signed by Bay Ha Long Company which shows that the expenses for collecting and treating waste is 250,000 dong per cubic meters, not including tax.

Though Bay Ha Long works as a company specializing in collecting and treating waste for money, it has got the permission from the Nhon Trach District People’s Committee to throw rubbish temporarily at the Dong Mu Rua rubbish dump in Phuoc An Commune.

The document signed by Giang Chi An, Deputy Chair of the Nhon Trach People’s Committee on October 22, 2010, says that Bay Ha Long not only can throw domestic waste, but normal waste, called non-toxic industrial waste. This has raised discontent to the other companies which also operate in the field of treating waste in the same district of Nhon Trach, especially in the Nhon Trach industrial zone.

“Everyone knows that hazardous waste can regularly be seen among industrial waste. In order to treat the waste, we have to spend money to buy specific machines. Meanwhile, Bay Ha Long does not have to buy any machines. They just receive money and throw waste to the environment,” the owner of a waste treatment company said.

“The local authorities allow Bay Ha Long to dump industrial waste in their localities without any treatment. It is an unhealthy competition,” he added.

Hazardous waste found at dumping ground

An official of the Dong Nai provincial authorities said that the Dong Mu Rua rubbish dump once existed illegally in the past, which was arisen spontaneously when local residents needed some place to throw rubbish. After 2005, the local authorities allowed this to become a temporary domestic waste dump. Since the rubbish dump is located far from residential quarters, local residents still have not complained about the smell. However, since the dumping of rubbish still does not follow the requirements, the pollution emissions prove to be unavoidable.

Phap luat TPHCM’s reporters, who were present at the rubbish dump on December 4, found out that there was not only domestic rubbish, but hazardous waste as well. The reporters could see fluorescent lamps (with mercury which is extremely toxic) among the domestic rubbish.

The waste is carried to the rubbish dump, where it is temporarily buried or burned in the open air. Dr Le Huy Ba from the HCM City Industry University, has warned that in the near future, the water leaking from the temporary waste dump would disseminate into the environment, which will make it very difficult to be treated