Saturday, December 17, 2011

33-storey tower on fire, 24 workers suffocated by smoke

The fire broke out at 4:30pm as clouds of smoke were seen billowing out of the twin towers, which includes one 33-storey building and one 29-storey building.

Five fire trucks have arrived on the scene while many fire apparatuses were also sent there to rescue the people trapped inside the towers.

At 5pm, two first victims have been pulled out of the fire and rushed to hospital for treatment. As the stair truck of fire-fighting forces could reach the 10th floor only, dozens of workers stood on higher floors, calling for help.

A rescued worker said that some careless welders let cinder to fall to flammable materials in the basement, causing the fire.

By 6pm, the fire in the basement was stamped out. However, some workers were still stuck on some floors. They turned on flashlights on their cell phones as signals for rescue workers.

However, over 30 minutes later, smoke continued spread from the basement, threating the life of dozens of workers. Around 30 commandos, 3 stair trucks, 14 fire trucks and hundreds of fire-fighting policemen were sent to the site. Some more workers were rescued by pulleys.

By 9.30pm, fire-fighting police department said that all workers – around 40 people – were moved out of the building safely.

Meanwhile, the First Aid Centre 115 said that they brought 24 workers to the St. Paul Hospital for treatment.

Rescuing workers from the twin tower: