Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Two die in central region’s floods

The first victim is a four-grade student in Tra Lanh commune, Tay Tra district, Quang Ngai province. The boy was swept away by nearly five kilometers. Tay Tra district annually has students who are swept away by floods on the way to school.

The second victim is a 3-year-old man. His body was detected on the Tra Khuc River on November 26. His identity has not been identified yet. 

Water levels of the Ve River in Quang Ngai province surpassed the third alert level on November 26, leaving thousands of households in Mo Duc and Tu Nghia district deep under water. 

Rainfall of up to 300mm was recorded in Son Tay and Ba To districts, disrupting traffic on district and provincial roads. Mountainous communes were completely isolated. 

Quang Ngai province mobilized forces to stand by in flooded areas to help local people with evacuation and travel. 

Floods caused by torrential rains also completely cut off highland communes in Nam Tra My, Bac Tra My and Tay Giang districts of Quang Nam province. Que Ninh, Phuoc Ninh, Que Trung and Que Lam communes of Nong Son district were between 0.5-1m under water. 

Widespread flooding is expected to threaten low-lying areas when Song Tranh II hydro-electric power plant is opening its floodgates to ensure safety of the reservoir. 

Local residents were told to leave the low-lying and flash flood-prone areas, and areas along rivers and streams. Policemen, soldiers and volunteers were dispatched to flooded communes to maintain order and help local residents move to higher ground. 

In Thua Thien-Hue province, heavy downpours caused water levels of the Huong River to climb to the third alert level on November 26, threatening households living along the two banks of the river. 

Binh Dien reservoir discharged floodwater into the Huong River, submerging Phu Hau and Xuan Phu wards in Hue city. Floodwaters inundated many sections of provincial road 14b, preventing local people and vehicle from travelling.

Provincial authorities asked reservoir management boards to strictly observe dam regulations to reduce the volume of floodwaters discharged into the Huong and Bo rivers. 

The provincial military command, border guard command and police force were asked to be on duty round the clock to provide assistance if required.

In Quang Nam province, the rainfall of up to 500mm and water discharged by the Song Tranh 2 hydro-power plant has isolated Bac Tra My and Nam Tra My district.

Floods in the central region: