Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanh Hoa stops seizing traffic rule violators by fishing net

Thuc said that Thanh Hoa police department would make a detailed report on this method to report to the National Traffic Safety Committee and relevant agencies. “We will ask for permission to pursue the tactic,” Thuc added.

According to the official, since this method was applied, Thanh Hoa police have arrested more than 100 drivers who drive at excessive speeds, or zigzag on streets.

“We would ask scientists to help invent a kind of net shooting gun to enhance the accuracy and safety of this method,” Thuc said.

Thanh Hoa police implemented this method since October 28, the day the province launched a traffic safety campaign.

Fishing nets are used only once racers or others driving dangerously do not stop their vehicles, after they have been signaled to do so by traffic police officers. The nets are rolled and tied with a heavy item, often a piece of brick or rock.

According to Thanh Hoa’s police, this method of seizure has neither caused any injuries to the drivers seized nor led to any incidents involving others on the streets.

The tactic has caused controversy. Many people support it but others protects because it may be dangerous for passers-by.