Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Soc Trang’s woman lives with thousands of pimples

At the age of 35, the body of Ms. Ly, in Ngan Ro 1 village, Tran De town, in the southern province of Soc Trang, is covered by thousands of pimples. Many pimples are as big as lemons or oranges.

The woman cannot see clearly because pimples have covered her eyes. She is always in pain and could not walk. Ly’s personal activities depend on her mother, Mrs. Thach Sa Phai, 60.

Mrs. Phai has had to stay at home for years to take care of her daughter. Her husband, Mr. Thach Teo, 63, is now the mainstay of the family. However, he could earn $1-2 a day from catching fish or working as hired worker.

The chief of Ngan Ro 1 hamlet, Dang Van Ep, said that perhaps Sa Ly is infected with Agent Orange. The local government is seeking support for the woman.