Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pack-bike service in ancient Hue city

There are around 50 pack-bike drivers working at Dong Ba Market, a very old and the most crowded 
market in Hue city. Their job has become harder in recent years due to competition of pack-motorbike service.

As a result, pack-bike drivers do not apprehend any kind of goods. In the picture, an old driver is hurriedly 
binding flowers and offerings on the rest of his bike.

Pack-bike drivers can earn VND3,000 ($0.14) for delivering goods within a 3km radius.

It is the best to carry passengers. 

Passengers of pack-bike drivers are poor people so they are sympathetic with drivers. 
A passenger gets off the bike to climb a slope with the driver.

Pack-bike drivers work even in downpours or storms.

They live in peace with each others.

His bike is broken but Mr. An does not have VND30,000 ($1.4) to fix it.

A typical pack-bike.

Their job is very hard but drivers are still glad. Having goods to carry is having money.