Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cambodia travel up 11%

Cambodia’s latest Tourism Statistics Report compiled by the Tourism Information Department, Ministry of Tourism, shows arrivals increasing by 11.8% in May, while the average five-month growth reached 13%.
In May alone, Cambodia recorded 190,258 international tourists.
Half of the visitors (50.4%, 95,915) arrived through border checkpoints shared with three countries – Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. All three figured in the top 10 supplier list.
The balance arrived (47.4%, 90,269) through two international airports in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. Both airports handled about the same number of arrivals in May (44,874 and 45,395 respectively). Just 2.1% or 4,074 of all arrivals entered the country at sea ports.
Of the 190,258 visits in May, 175,285 were categorised as leisure travel and just 12,279 businesses, while the balance 2,694 was for unstated purposes.
Asia accounted for 75.38% or 143,411 arrivals. ASEAN and East Asia were the largest sub-region suppliers: 89,379 (+15.9%) and 51,379 (+11.5%) respectively.
South Asia, western Asia and the Middle East were still new markets for Cambodia with only 1,735 (+20.3%), 155 and 452 (+0.2%) arrivals respectively.
Europe produced 26,174 arrivals, up 76.01% over 19,899 in the same month last year. Visits from Eastern Europe skyrocketed especially from Russia improving 70.8% for May and 79.7% for the five-month period.
Also in May, visits from Oceania increased 12% to reach 6,528, while the Americas dropped 0.2% to 13,732 and Africa, rising 14.1% to 413.
By country markets, neighbouring Vietnam accounted for 27.7% of all visitors in May, improving 28.8% from 40,885 to 52,653. Most were overland trips.
The second top supplier in May was South Korea with 20,823, up 9%. China followed with 14,356, up 28.6%. China was the third top supplier with 14,356 visits up 28.6%.
The number four market, Laos, supplied 9,507 visits and grew 39.44%.
Thailand was the 10th supply market, but still registered a decline of 42% (6,576) due to border disputes between the two countries that have soured relations and gave the impression Thais would  not be welcomed.
Over first five months, Thailand ranked 11th (41,387, -36.7%) compared with a fifth ranking during the same period last year.
Overall, Cambodia accumulated 1,191,757 arrivals from January to May representing a double digit growth of 13% over the same period in 2010.
The first three markets in the top 10 list were the same for May and also for the January to May period – Vietnam, South Korea and China. France and Australia were not in the top 10 list in May, but were included in the five month totals.

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